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NOW -I recently got it trimmed and dyed: http://i41.tinypic.com/2mmpp1.jpg
like 2 months ago : http://i41.tinypic.com/2enuop0.jpg
like maybe 3/4 months ago.. http://i37.tinypic.com/108bqch.jpg

do you notice any hair growth??
and yes I know, one side is a little shorter lol..it's from breakage from before.

It seems like it's taking forever!
But I heard hair grows faster in the summer so hopefully that will help

The Awkward Stage

I cut my near waist-length hair into an angled bob in February. Here it is in March, maybe?

on a good dayCollapse )

While I like it and don't regret cutting it, I now want to grow it to a bit past shoulder length. I can't really put it up and it's annoying, plus it has a funky texture and does whatever it feels like every day. I haven't noticed any growth at all since I've cut it but I'm sure there has been some...I just can't wait for it to get past the awkward stage.

How long do you think it will take until it's around my shoulders? I haven't had my hair above shoulder-length since 1999. Hopefully only three or four months to go.

New Here

Hi everyone!
I'm new to this comm. I'd like to put out a plea for help on taking care of long hair.
I've never kept my hair long because it doesn't usually stay pretty, but I like how it is right now, it feels healthy and I'd really like to let it get longer over the next year. Any recommendations on keeping hair healthy and strong? Conditioner, food, supplements, good cuts... anything will help! Thank you!

What are your hair goals? To have healthy hair that hopfully reaches the middle of my back (so, about 10 cm worth of growth from the length I have now).

What’s your hair like now?
Layered, reddy-purple (which was accidental), long for me (which is not really that long in the grand scheme of things), side bangs. It has a bit of natural wave to it, it's fairly fine but I have a decent amount of hair.

Where in the world are you? In Ontario for the next 4 months, and then Spain for a year.  

Random other things?
My name is Lucy, and I have pictures.
Last year vs this year.Collapse )


Ok...this is so annoying...ever since I was like 14 (im 19 now) the hair on the left side of my face has been somewhat shorter and a lot more damaged than the right side. Can anyone explain this? lol

I keep trying to get them even but somehow (I think because of breakage) my hair on the left side is always shorter...

I reall want both sides to be even...!

Still growing...

My hair is still growing, even though I occassionally get the urge to chop it all off again...

'Scuse the bra, but it's what I wore last time, so is a useful benchmark.
April 2008 vs April 2009Collapse )

Helloooo, new here, just posting recent pix of me and the hair....its been down my back, up to my chin, etc...right now its layered to the front, and hits my back bra strap...I just added red, I'm in a red mood! I'm growing it back out to probably back legnth....

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how long do you think it would take to grow hair the length of the black bar?

Malware warning, communities affected

I would never normally do this but..

There's a virus going around LJ communities. In it the maintainer writes a post that says due to tragic events they are closing the community. There are links to a new community but if you clink the link it goes to another site.
If you see the post in any of your communities DO NOT clink the links!

It is I think a keylogger virus, where the keystrokes you make on your computer are copied, which of course includes your username and password. Which then enables the person at the other end, monitoring your keystrokes, to log into your account. Clicking on the links of course downloads the virus.

*puts work hat on*- make sure you have antivirus software and that it is up to date. Never click on any supicious links. If you do a mouseover (hold your mouse over the link) you will see where the link really takes you. It is also worth having another malware removal tool in addition to your antivirus software, we use malwarebytes


a lot at work now.

And of course if you have any suspicion at all that someone else might have obtained your password.. change it straight away.



I've been growing my hair out from shaved (#1 guard on the clippers) for about 5 years.

However, 3 years ago I started working construction. Outdoors construction. The first year it was flagging (you know - those "Stop/Slow" sign people) The last two years were earthworks--dirt moving kinda stuff.

Both, however required HOURS of being outside, in the heat and wind, and in the cold and wind.

I don't heat style, dye or do any other real "no-nos" to my hair.


even though it has been longer than BSL - I had to get it cut once by about 3 inches.

I have to admit right now. My hair is damaged. Hours in the sun and wind - even though I don't wash everyday and have used protectors and oils and whatnot - have done their damage.

I need to cut more off. maybe even to shoulder length.

This is hard - I do believe that had I been working in an office, or some other occupation, my hair would be close to waist length - It was a few inches away just about 6 months.

But the years of abuse (and trust me, I tried to protect it at work) are taking their toll - and the splits are impressive.

I have to cut a huge chunk off.

Has anyone else had to go through something like this?